These are some of the questions our customers frequently ask us.

I have purchased items elsewhere and just require RJI to freight them, are my goods automatically insured?

No, unless you have specifically asked RJI to insure your items, or you have purchased marine cover elsewhere, your goods are not insured. Further details can be found on our 'Insurance' page.

Do you collect Windscreens and other glass objects?

No, unfortunately we cannot collect windscreens or any other glass objects, but we are happy to receive them at our warehouse if they are suitably packed to withstand the rigours of a sea voyage.

How do I get a parcel to St Helena?

The parcel can be sent via the UK Postal service to us for forwarding on in our containers to the Island, this service also applies to Ascension, the Falklands, Tristan ad Cunha and South Georgia.

Can the parcel/package be collected?

We would be pleased to arrange collection if required, please either give a us call or e-mail us our phone number and e-mail adresses can be found on our 'Contact Us' page.

What information do I need to give?

We will need to know the following: -
1.Your full name and address and contact details.
2.Details of who the parcel/package is going to, the number and approximate size and weight of the consignment.
3.Details of the contents of the parcel/package.

How do I pay?

We will send you an invoice once we know the collection and freight charges which would need to be settled prior to the consignment leaving us unless a Credit Account is held.

I need to get an urgent item to one of your locations, can RJI help?

For urgent items to Ascension, St Helena and the Falklands we offer an airfreight service via the RAF flights to Ascension (and onward by sea to St Helena) and the Falklands. Consignments are generally sent on a weekly basis, subject to space being available on the flights, please give us a call for further details.

I have a larger number of items to ship including personal effects, is this something RJI can assist with?

We are able to handle the complete range of goods. In the case of large consignments please contact us to discuss your requirements in detail.

Why do you need to pass on details of consignments to the Customs Departments on the Islands?

The Customs Departments on Ascension, the Falklands and St Helena have instructed us to notify them of any shipments that contain alcohol, tobacco or other bonded goods in order for them to charge the relevant duty.

In addition, we have an obligation to the Customs Departments on the islands to supply copies of client invoices for goods which are being imported into the islands as and when requested.